Reawaken Raya in high style. INNAI RED puts a
spotlight on nostalgic Persian carpets of rich
florals and details with thoughtfully crafted designs
that screams luxury. Our collection of femininity that's
mystical as it is beautiful are set against opulent 
tapestries in rich colours and transportive prints.
Definitely a fresh Raya wardrobe for a sharp return
in celebration. Designed on the principles
of femininity with artful details and silhouettes.
The overall effect strikes an otherworldly elegance.

True to INNAI RED aesthetic, premium fabrics and
exquisite embellishments in creating looks that pair
perfectly with rich carpets from Nasim Carpets. 
Volume, texture and intricate details are set against
sweet palette of pastel, mid-tones and deep
jewel tones. Strong modern curves and folds
balanced with the intricate beadwork,
making it instantly known as INNAI RED.