INNAI & Co is a curated platform for fashion discovery (and more) of INNAI & INNAI RED collections and its unique collaborations. On this platform, we hope to bring the best in-season assortment with a local ease to a global audience. At INNAI & Co, we tailor luxury with convenience in mind – elegance without all the effort, fashion without all the fuss.



Founded nineteen years ago, INNAI was born out of family’s love for batik and urban aesthetics. Breaking the boundaries of traditional art, INNAI combines traditional hand-drawn batik craftsmanship and fine fabrics with contemporary designs and silhouettes.

Each piece holds a story within itself, its philosophies behind its colour and designs, the process in which it is made. INNAI’s collections are manifestations of Malaysia heritage and the spirit of those behind the brand.

Seven years later since the brand’s inception, the evolution into INNAI RED has been a considered process, built carefully upon the ethos of effortless, elegant luxury.

INNAI RED is an extension brand to celebrate the art of bespoke with a directional approach to traditional evening wear. With designs that are found at the intersection of femininity and modern sophistication, INNAI RED delivers a trend-led aesthetic influenced by couture.




Izrin Ismail built INNAI RED as a brand, a vision of feminine desires and artful silhouettes that have defied trends and have inspired many modern Malaysian women into wearing INNAI RED designs for more than a decade.

"Growing the label over the years, I have seen it go from strength to strength. I'm evolving as a Creative Director and I'm excited to show our devoted followers where we are taking the label."

Forever inspired by love of the arts, every collection is a celebration of traditional artisanal techniques, craftsmanship and quality of design.

The INNAI RED women is constantly surrounding herself with beautiful things. She is forever on the go. Effortless; in the moment but never flustered. Chic at heart and always remains confident. Unafraid to stand out; she is chic but never ostentatious.