As the world descends on the colourful city of Rio De Janeiro, one cannot escape feeling inspired by the city that triggers a million senses and unexpected surprises and twists. For Resort 2017, Innai Red takes on the city of Ipanema, Carioca and world famous Carnival translating it into a fashionable celebration of life and colours.

From the winding streets of beautiful Santa Teresa to the energetic beat of Cidade Do Samba, Rio is home to an onslaught of vivid colours, remarkable fashion and inspirations that never ends. It is a city that references itself daily from the smile of its people, exquisite art to nature’s blessings. Innai Red injects this visual essence into pieces that uplifts the wearer during her travels social gatherings.

The collection is the result of striking the right balance between sexy and conservative. Strong Latin-flavoured colours, tropical prints and mariner stripes makes its way onto ruffled jacquards, linen and mixed cotton dresses to exude island flair but in a sophisticated manner. Innai Red’s design signature of clean lines and structured cuts are given a romantic twist in variety of options from dresses to tops and skirts.

The collection brings the easiness of island life into ready-to-wear pieces. Off-shoulder silhouettes, hi-low hemlines, midi-length wave skirts, culottes and ankle grazer pants. Design are flexible and can be easily dressed up or down for instance with corsets that can be worn over dresses or pants. Although undeniably feminine, there is a sense of flamboyance throughout the collection as an ode to Brazil’s flavour.

The easiness seen in the designs are also reflected in the clever use of fabrics – jacquard, silk, linen, cotton, twill and charmeuse. Refined materials given an effortless treatment in reflecting the theme. In true Innai Red style, intricate embellishments are worked unto certain pieces. 3D floral embellishments, birds’ adornment and enamel flower beadworks in stones and colours that accentuates the design of the clothes.

There is no escape in referencing beautiful, strong colours when talking about a city as colourful as its people. Whether it is the sights going down the winding streets of Santa Teresa or the glitz and glam at Carnival, colours are vibrant and arresting. Cobalt blue, baby blue, tangerine, coral, and marigold are key colours used in the collection, set against natural beige, white and tan for a stronger juxtaposition. Prints bring the captivating tropical spirit alive, with the use of leaves, flowers, Amazonian birds and mariner stripes as inspiration.

The INNAI RED Rio Bonita runway pieces are available and sold exclusively at the INNAI RED boutique.