The beauty of Malaysia’s melting pot of people and culture formed the initial inspiration of Innai Red’s Hari Raya collection for 2018. The harmonious existence of opposites is reflected in a fashionable showcase of new meets old of the collection’s pieces, bringing a sense of modernity into traditional cuts and silhouettes. Making old, now.

The campaign imagery brings to life the essence of unity in diversity, by showcasing three well-known personalities of different backgrounds. Social activist Deborah Henry, actress Diana Danielle, and TV personality Sarah Lian showcased the collection with a beautiful balance of elegance and sophistication, each bringing their own personality into the pretty-perfect pictures. The beauty of Malay style ingenuity can be highlighted by anyone and everyone. Because we truly are one, hence One Raya.

For Raya 2018, classics are made contemporary - suitable for many special occasions beyond the festive season. INNAI RED creative director, Izrin Ismail delved into the beautiful world of Malay dressing of different states in shortlisting looks to be given a luxurious makeover. The kebaya, kebarung, kurung labuh and kurung Kedah are updated with INNAI RED’S design DNA - modern with clean lines and feminine folds. The shorter bottom hems of Kurung Kedah and Kurung Johor is a clear favourite for those wanting to flaunt their mint footwear.

Modernity of the designs does not only transpire through cuts and fabrics but also the carefully curated embellishments for each piece. The traditional kerongsang is replaced with rhinestone buckles for a bold fresh aesthetic. Jewel rhinestones and 3D flowers and succulents which the brand first introduce in a recent collection uplifts each look with luxurious complications.

A myriad of colours is used for the collection, offering options for varying personal styles. From strong hues to pastels, shiny metallics and floral prints. Lavish fabrics are used appropriately to celebrate the Raya season, meticulously edited to ensure that the look achieves total perfection in all its details. Luxe Italian brocades, tafetta, jacquard, shantung silk, charmeuse and organza are gathered and toiled to create sophisticated creations.

INNAI RED Raya 2018 collection is made in a variety of colours truly making it an exclusive piece and sold exclusively at the INNAI RED boutique.