Two words, regal and opulence defines the
collection outlook of INNAI RED's Raya Luxe 2022.
 This Raya, we were graced into
The Majestic Malacca, a charming hotel
rich with tapestry of multicultural influences
that's reflected in its heritage architecture.
Melding, luxury, modernity and tradition just
like INNAI RED's collection pieces.
Aptly named the collection,
Majestic Raya.

This INNAI RED Raya collection is dominated
with rich premium fabrics accentuated with
sophisticated detailing in creating looks
that pairs perfectly against The Majestic Malacca.

The INNAI RED woman is of subtle grace and
elegance. Functional comfort and style takes
centre stage but with a presentation of classical
motifs and modern ideas in rich and unexpected
ways. Harmonious contradiction remains as
INNAI RED's design philosophy. Volume, texture
and intricate details are set against feminine palette
of sweet pastels, mid-tones and deep jewel tones.
Strong modern curves and folds are balanced with
the most opulent beadwork, making it instantly
known as INNAI RED.