INNAI RED’s collection for Chinese New Year 2020 brings back chinese heritage with a modern outlook. Innai Red’s iconic styles, elements and silhouettes are reintroduced and reinterpreted through refreshing designs with strong modern sensibilities.

Painterly scenes of florals and foliage, as well as a modern lattice pattern inspired by bamboos makes this collection extra special. The collection consists of fifteen designs of modern cheongsams and qipaos.
A well-considered mix of fabrics and textures were incorporated into versatile staples -- qipaos that double as a top over jeans -- as well as comfy silhouette like the shift and travel-friendly fabric that’s perfect for the warmer days.

The brand’s signature ruffles, beadworks, peekaboo sheer organza and peplum details makes its presence in the collection, done masterfully to respect the traditional silhouette whilst showcasing modern relevance.

Different pieces are designed in variety of lengths in sleeves and hemlines again to offer style and practical versatility. Each piece is uniquely completed with handmade Chinese buttons for the full ode to tradition but in a glamorous way. Fabrics used are selected to compliment the designs in a luxurious way.

Brocades, taffeta, charmeuse silk, chiffon and french lace are used for full looks or details to the pieces, creating re-energised festive costumes. Printed fabrics, laces and feathers that adorn selected pieces gives a current feel to an otherwise typical look of its classic predecessors. Colours offered in the collection varies ranging from pastels to bold hues; from fiery red to the calm elegance of sky blue. The variety of colours allows it’s wearer to not only compliment her personal look and style but also to satisfy the needs of colour coordinated theme as they plan the looks for the family.

INNAI RED for Chinese New Year 2020 is eight pieces per design made in a variety of colours truly making it an exclusive piece and is sold exclusively at the INNAI RED boutique.