J E D D A H ' S G A R D E N

A celebration of the outdoors, Jeddah's Garden,
the latest capsule from INNAI RED will have you ready
to roam on an elegant escape to the gardens.

Designed during the third lockdown of the bleak
pandemic while working-from-home
and became crazy-plant-lady in her own concrete
jungle. Izrin Ismail took inspiration from her
mother's garden that she took for granted.
Jeddah, the Arabic word for 'grandmother'
makes up the collection as Izrin's
children were missing their grandmother's
garden and the outdoors, aptly named the capsule
'Jeddah's Garden'. 

This collection was designed to celebrate the
long-awaited re-emergence for outdoor plans with
greatest outfits and accessories inspired by the nuances
of femininity & freedom. Whimsical embroideries,
intricate pintucks and shirring details to scrunchie
headbands and puffy cloud-like bags that expresses
feminine beauty and simplicity, where
classicism and wit coexist.

These styles prove that you don't have to sacrifice to
dress for the moment.