The word Rú Yì itself comes from two characters,
Rú and Yì, together it literally means
"as one wishes" or "everything goes well". 
Carry the Rú Yì spirit with you wherever you go,
and may your endeavours bring good fortune
and go exactly "as wished!".
Now, let's start the New Year on a style high.

INNAI RED's Chinese New Year 2022 collection,
Rú Yì brings back Chinese heritage with a modern
twist. INNAI RED's iconic styles, elements
and silhouettes are reintroduced and reinterpreted
through refreshing designs with strong
modern sensibilities.

In line with the celebrating mood, vibrant colours
and floral patterns dominate the looks that are
easily brought to life by the traditionalist
or fashionista.

Recent times have seen us readjusting our
celebrations behaviour; home-home based
get-togethers with intimate groups are the
growing norm. Regardless, the festive spirit are
kept alive with our traditions
and appearances.

INNAI RED incorporated this insight when designing
the collection resulting in pieces that are practical
and at the same time stylish.