Our hearts are like wildflowers. Strong enough to rise
again after being trampled upon, tough enough to
weather the worst storms, and still able to grow and
flourish even in the most broken places.

This special capsule is to celebrate
the tough situations we've been through;
at the same time remain hopeful and
optimistic that better days are coming.
Indeed we are like wildflowers -- continue to 
grow beyond our struggles.
Wildflowers is a series of polished pieces that define
  femininity (with a punch of playfulness) comes in
 two drops -- Episode 1 & 2. Available on
pre-order as we move towards a conscious
production at the same time allows us to 
retail more unique selections.

This capsule is a collection of unexpected pairings
that will inject new life (and small pleasures) to 
your style. Whether you are in the mood for
clashing prints, bold colours, mix of textures, 
or playful ornamentations. This collection
has it charms. We want you to dress your best
in high shine that matches your spirit.