Finesse this Hari Raya style with effortless extras.
Capture Cosmopolitan Raya modern spirit with a subtle
sense of drama and a touch of nostalgia.
This collection is envisioned through the lens of 
heightened reminiscence, tapping into a cultural
undercurrent craving nostalgia with a modern mood.

As we reminisce on the glamour years and drawing
inspiration from timeless elegant styles. Featuring optical
floral prints, brushstroke prints, and embroideries for a 
uniquely feminine and bold style.

From romantic delicacies to the sense of ease and
modernity. Youthful blends of light & medium-weight
on flattering timeless silhouettes and returning of
signature Innai Red cuts.

Our Innai Red Cosmopolitan woman is trendy, classy with
dressy pieces, along with accessories, to create
a pulled-together but comfortable ensemble.