Beautiful tinted watercolour florals form the basis of INNAI RED’s Raya collection for 2015. Aptly named Floraya, the collection is dominated by sweet pastel watercoloured florals accentuated with sophisticated detailing that stays true to the label’s design philosophy.

The INNAI RED women is of subtle grace and elegance, hence Juliana Evans is chosen as the face for INNAI RED’s Raya campaign this year. The collection presents options of cleverly designed pieces that compliments her personal style without being overpowering. Semi and loose-fitted modern kurungs are cut to perfection; clean linear lines gives it a modern feel. The look is extremely polished but not constricting, feminine yet not girly. It is this juxtaposition that continues to be the label’s trademark since its inception. INNAI RED has worked with local celebrities like Nora Danish, Siti Saleha and Fazura in its previous Raya campaigns.

Colours play a vital role in displaying the festive spirit of Hari Raya. From vibrant tones to sweet pastels, pieces can easily see its wearer through day and night staying effortlessly stylish with the addition of personal adornments. Styles in coral, fuchsia, blush, turquoise and mint makes them soothingly striking and timeless additions to the wardrobe.

Never one to shy from using the best fabrics available, the collection is beautifully constructed of materials that lend a necessary luxury. Breathable linen, floral organza, chameause silk, crepe silk, french lace & european brocades are used throughout and paired ingeniously with the right cut and style in creating stunning ensembles.

Details are key and what is presented in this collection will make the pieces both enchanting and luxurious. Feather peplum, cluster embellishments, petals formation, frills, cape, asymetrical hemlines are cleverly weaved in to create a hint of glamour and sophistication.

Stylish mavens would also see the versatility of this collection beyond Raya, styling tops and bottoms with other fashionable alternatives on other occasions. The collection presents eighteen styles to choose from with limited pieces available for each style.

INNAI RED Raya 2015 Floraya collection is made in a variety of colours truly making it an exclusive piece and sold exclusively at the INNAI RED boutique.