This season INNAI RED sees a slight departure from the brand’s aesthetic with a collection that steers towards presenting a sexier woman – form fitting and cinch-waist that accentuates the female form. The look is sleek yet balanced with an ultra-feminine design suitable for feminine vixens.

The collection consists of a selection of semi-formal separates which allows them to be paired with other pieces in creating either a casual or formal look.

The marriage of different elements was orchestrated beautifully with the clever play of design and fabric, accented by meticulously creative embellishments. The juxtaposition of strong and soft was created through the use of organza with lace, duchess satin with chiffon and brocade with beaded fabric sewn in pieces determined by structured silhouettes. Wave tucks, ruching and cluster beadworks make a delightful presence in this collection, adding to its ingenuity. INNAI RED’s signature peplum is given a modern twist through the creation of new variations to the classic design element - panelled organza peplum and structured "umbrella-like" peplum.

Bold, statement colours are dominant in the collection reinforcing the powerful looks of the pieces and the strength of the woman that wears them. Red and navy accented with rose nude create the striking balance of edgy and elegant.

The RED MY MIND runway pieces are available and sold exclusively at the INNAI RED boutique.