This Chinese New Year INNAI RED reflects on the
vibrant beauty and bustling energy of Kuala Lumpur's
Chinatown. One of the city's most authentic
destinations, it is home to unique merchants and
residents that are aesthetically exciting and bold,
abstractly manifested in the collection. The festive
campaign paid homage to its inspiration with shots
taken around Chinatown, subliminally saluting
its inhabitants and their surroundings.

INNAI RED's Chinatown collections consist of feminine,
elegant, nostalgic oriental elements with fine
modern tailoring. It's a symphony of traditional
chinoiserie motifs and rich ornamental fabrics set
against this season's vivid colour palette.

Recent times has seen us readjusting our celebrations
behaviour; home-based get-togethers with intimate
groups are the growing norm. Regardless, the festive
spirits are kept alive with our traditions
and appearances. This insight was incorporated
when designing the collection resulting in pieces
that are practical and stylish.