"Where flowers bloom, so does hope" - LBJ 
Introducing our BLOOM mask that is 
made to bloom 
into the New Year
with grace and hope.
Sustainably crafted from overstock fabrics,
we repurposed these fabrics to reduce wastage
with a notion of permanence.

Innai’s BLOOM mask features our signature floral
motifs that would draw a positive attention.
Designed to fit close to the face with
an adjustable lightweight nose bridge for a
contoured fit, elastic ear loops with adjustable
stoppers or extension strings for hijab version
that gives all-day comfort. Made of three 
breathable layers -- outer soft organza,
liner with side pocket for filter, and a
satin inner layer that's soft to the skin. 
Our signature emblem embroidered to one side
in complementary hue gives a personal touch.
All our masks come with a matching zipped pouch
for mask storage or repurpose it to 
store other personal items.